Why People Are Susceptible to TV News Propaganda

The problem with blaming the shutdown on Congressional partisans is that the partisans on either side know exactly what they want. When there are specific things you want, compromise is usually possible.

The public in the middle, however, don’t understand politics, only emotions given to them by TV, and so their beliefs are cobbled together in real time, improvised, as they get “more information.” One trending topic at a time, each vacuum sealed to prevent cross contamination. They don’t look at things historically, culturally, humanistically, or even selfishly, there exists no system for interpreting “the facts.” Compromise becomes impossible, as a simple example, when a “moderate” “thinks” there should be more restrictions on guns, they want gun owners to give up something they want very much– in exchange for nothing. “But it’s the right thing to do!” And the yelling starts, in HD.

The entire post is excellent and is actually about the TV news media and propaganda.


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