America’s Entrepreneurial Body Image Problem

I posit that Americans suffer business-wise from the same delusion that inflicts men and women’s body image thanks to Barbie, women’s magazines and depictions of the better men of the world being big, muscular and athletic.

We put so much emphasis and praise to those entrepreneurs who succeed beyond belief that people think you’re not successful unless you can become one of those people. This small handful doesn’t come close to what the typical entrepreneurs’ success story looks like, but we concentrate more on these rare, exceptional success stories.

The problem that arises is we tend to fashion our politics around these people. So instead of supporting the typical, median entrepreneurs in our country, we tailor our economic policies around the top 1% and, worse, the top .1%.

The immigrant who starts a business is the entrepreneur we want to foster. The geek with the terrible glasses who doesn’t have a trust fund to get him through college or get the connections to start a mega-corporation from Step 1 is the entrepreneur we want to foster.

Instead, to protect and pander to the top 1%, we concentrate on lowering top marginal taxes (forget the little people who will never reach that top marginal rate) as much as possible and craft policies to protect established businesses instead of pushing for more competition and investing in education, science and technology.


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