STFU: Sadistic Tales From the Underverse, Part 1

A mother and father raise a child in a society.

That son (or daughter) not only benefits from the natural need for the mother and father to raise their child in the best way possible by giving them as many advantages they can give, the mother and father also utilize social constructs in order to accomplish it.

While the mother and father contribute to society in whatever way society asks of them (e.g. obeying the law; paying their taxes), in all likelihood, the mother and father will utilize more resources from society than they contribute – especially while raising that child into adulthood and its personal independence.

This fully developed adult benefited from the many resources their parents provided, including the public resources they benefit from every day. That child became a responsible adult who got a job and began paying taxes.

But those taxes were paid reluctantly; as a teenager he head read books which told him that tax is theft and that others who are up to no good use an entity with an army to extract labor from people by charging them via taxes. Tax is theft because this adult has worked hard and deserves all of the wealth he has accumulate through his labor; forcing him to give any of the money away is theft.

But that adult is simply paying back a service that his parents put to use throughout his early life; he also utilizes that service – public goods – throughout his adult life as well. His desire for no reciprocity is acknowledged, but he will continue going online to complain about that theft.

And he will die a sad individual who always lived life unhappy being a victim of government tyranny.

Probably alone.


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