Myopia About Education and How So Many Adults Are As Dumb As A 15 Year Old

Someone in this thread, Georgia mentioned that there’s some truth to Smith’s statement because our schools are failing our kids.

Actually our school systems are doing a fine job. The problem is that our school systems could be doing a BETTER job.

The school systems aren’t failing our youth. SOCIETY is failing our youth by making them believe they can study anything they want in college and still have a successful career (no, it’s not true; studying Liberal Arts, Art History, Philosophy, or Psychology will not get you a job).

Society is also failing our young people by deciding that the economic status quo is just fine. Rich people like Jaden Smith think that the world is perfectly fine because he’s rich and that’s all that matters; and his friends are fine and so is Wall Street and leadership thinks that’s all good (look at Bloomberg and the way he’s run NYC, trying to turn it into a city solely for the rich) but the rest of the country can go to heck, including young people.

So, no, it’s not the schools that are failing young people, it’s society. It’s the Federal Reserve for not pushing for more economic stimulus; it’s the deficit-worried who are unwilling to spend federal dollars to push the country forward; it’s the entire political body for protecting the wealthy and the retired to try to save their money instead of taking care of the FUTURE.



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