Redditors on Inequality

Reddit is gold. It is, by far, the best website of all time thus far.

From a post about inequality in the US:

  • I’m pretty sure that since the Reagan Administration we’ve been operating under The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.”
  • Reminds me of the Steinbeck quote: ‘Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.'”
  • Do you know what broke feudalism in much of Europe? The Black Plague. We need a new plague, we need a zombie apocalypse!

    Vote Zombie 2016!

    • Yes. The plague created a labor shortage (as opposed to the surplus we have now) which gave rise to tenant farming. We need a nice big war or plague.”
  • “Honestly it seems like everything bad in the country happened in the 70s.”
    • It started with the birth and growth of the Young Republicans in the 1950s with the help of Buckley and the National Review to go after young, impressionable college students. (if you want to change your country’s political leanings, target the college kids and teach them to vote your way on everything from president to the local dog catcher).

      After the Civil Rights law passed, it finally found real traction under Nixon with his Southern Strategy that married good old fashioned racism with political conservatism with the religious right with social conservatism to create the silent majority movement. Add the women’s lib movement, the legalization of abortion, the (very racist) war on drugs, the war on the war on poverty, and whatever else the right found useful to drag the country back to the 1950s 1850s, and it all culminated with the Reagan Presidency.”

  • To the familiar “too much money”, I would add one more insidious problem: safe districts. The art and science of redistricting is now too sophisticated. It’s to the point where several states have majorities of their populations voting one way but the opposite political party in power. We need to have an algorithmic method of creating districts that is the same for everyone. It’s safe districts that allow nutjobs to do their thing, because they know there’s no chance in hell they’ll lose come next election, except potentially in the primary to someone from their own party who is even more extreme.”
    • Case in point, Lamar Smith. It’s gerrymandered so much that he’ll probably never lose.[1] Just the shape of it alone is ridiculous. It encompasses every rich part of town which is most likely to be conservative. It also skips the blue parts of San Antonio and skips to the Rural areas which are more slanted to be red. Cuts right through some cities just to get the red parts of Austin. Fuckin ridiculous.
    • Sorry but the 5th district in florida is the most shameful example. That purple blob contains the black urban populations of Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Orlando. Pathetic.

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