Power Girl’s Boob Window

I like Power Girl.

I don’t like Power Girl because of her skimpy outfit (It’s arguably less skimpy than other female superheroes). I like the character itself. She’s more interesting than Superman ever could be.

That said, there’s always going to be controversy over her “boob window”, that is the obvious window upon her cleavage which her outfit obviously doesn’t need.

Perhaps there’s logic to Power Girl’s “boob window” outfit. Obviously, she’s so powerful, her boobs can’t be contained by any clothing technology, but it doesn’t really add to the character (except to the nerds who masturbate to comic book art) and only detracts from the character. I’m no prude – I say keep the boob window – but that shouldn’t really detract from the character. It does, but it shouldn’t.

I’ve removed the boob window out and yet she still looks awesome. Can we please move on?

Power Girl Boob Window


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