It Ain’t Easy Being the Batman

1157634_10153154228035564_798585771_nBen Affleck’s speaking style and the body language he’s most skilled in showing don’t speak much toward him being a good Batman.

George Clooney also had a good action film background before he ruined Batman for a good long decade.

They even have the same chin and the way they jut it out when they’re talking or trying to face act.

Nope. It won’t work.

Add the style that the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel (which started the DC movieverse), had and you’ll see that DC is trying to take a less goofy/funny style than the Marvel Universe movieverse.

Affleck can’t do serious very well, and he most DEFINITELY can’t do any level of dark noir-style acting which is required for Batman.

Nolan’s Batman was very dark and broody. True, the new Batman is not supposed to follow that style, but Batman is still too dark for the kind of acting Affleck needs to do.

But “the role of Batman, not hard to do.”

Actually, the role of Batman is very hard to do. Not only do you have to make sure you get the body just right (Hugh Jackman works out year round to get the body he needs for the role) but you also have to get the attitude and mannerisms just right. To get the Batman and Joker characters perfectly requires method acting – and that helped lead to one actor’s real-life death. Batman is a technologically-super powered detective who is supposed to instill fear into the villains. Can you really imagine Affleck in a Batman costume and think he’d be scary?

No, he will come off as a cosplayer in a commissioned costume who does terrible convincing people he’s Batman.

Protecting your kids from paparazzi, probably the most real action Affleck’s been in recently, and being aggressive and scary are very different things.

His role as Reeves in Hollywoodland, a noir-style film, would not be equitable to playing the role of Batman.

You can be a good actor, a great actor, and yet be cast into the wrong roles. No actor is capable of filling ANY role. Affleck will fail at it.

And the fact there’s controversy when there’s been little controversy over other choices for comic book characters (with the exception of Robert Downey, Jr. and Mickey Rourke, both actors whose casting controversy were more about their being broken men instead of acting capability, says a lot.

Hell, Downey’s character in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang IS Iron Man with just a bit more confidence. And Rourke’s performance as Marv in Sin City? Holy hell, add an accent and you’ve got Ivan Vanko.

Affleck has never demonstrated the ability to come close to a Batman character. Bruce Wayne? Maybe. Batman? George Clooney 2.0.


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