Petulance and Angst Doesn’t Make Young Adult Characters Interesting

city_of_bones_the_mortal_instruments_cassandra_clare_book_cover-398x600The Mortal Instruments books turned me off from the Young Adult book genre.

The Hunger Games books were interesting to me largely because it had an interesting story to back up the character development.

The Mortal Instruments books have a terribly superficially interesting story and the character development is nonexistent. I read up to book 3’s detailed summaries and none of the characters have really grown up despite all their experiences. And the story itself is a convoluted mess.

From what I’ve read about other Young Adult series, this is a common problem where the author tries to develop characters and make them multi-dimensional but what ends up happening is the characters come off angst-riddled, whiny with multiple personalities and even more childish than normal teenagers are, but they never grow out of that. So far, the Mortal Instruments books shows that to be true, at least for that series.

I may read another Young Adult book but only if it gets extremely high marks from people who I know to enjoy good books. Hollywood choosing to make a film out of it doesn’t mean the source material is good. By default, unless something tells me otherwise, I’ll simply assume Hollywood thought it would be easy money. Easy money usually spells teeny-bopper crap.


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