The New New York

Someone asked me why I have such a bug up my ass about NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg.

I have as big a bug up my ass about Steve Jobs.

Both are seen in good light when, in fact, beneath the veneer, they are a complete disappointment.

Steve Jobs strongly supported, even fought for, stronger patent laws that ultimately destroy technological innovation.

Michael Bloomberg turned New York City from a city which was available to everyone into a city that was available to a few. It is becoming a city, partly thanks to him, that will not be affordable to most of its denizens.

He could have done better, much better. I applaud his stances on climate change and the need to do something about it, about cigarettes, and investment in the technology industry, but he needed to do a lot more to lift all boats from the bottom instead of investing primarily at the top.

All that did was turn the city from a city of the people to a city for the affluent. His idea that inviting the wealthy to NYC would allow the city to invest more in people at the bottom of the economic scale hasn’t born the fruits he promised.

Much of the city’s public and subsidized housing will eventually return to the private landowners and unless the city keeps growing outward or destroys old buildings to build new ones, the city will have to keep building bigger and higher housing projects in order to be able to house people of low incomes.

That’s unsustainable, but it’s the necessity Giuliani and Bloomberg left us with.


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