The Parasite: Mitochondrial Eve

One of the best console video games (of all time, in my opinion) was Square’s Parasite Eve, “an action role-playing survival horror video game” and “sequel to the novel Parasite Eve, written by Hideaki Sena.”

I’ve long thought that Hollywood should take the Parasite Eve story and turn it into a movie. The Resident Evil game story is very similar to the Parasite Eve story, but while Resident Evil is a story about a corporation bent on taking over the world by causing an artificially-induced evolutionary event, the Parasite Eve story is basically a “Mitochondrial Eve” of sorts evolving beyond the human-parasite bond that we have come to depend upon.

The Parasite Eve story takes the endosymbiotic theory to an extreme. “According to this theory, mitochondria and plastids (e.g. chloroplasts), and possibly other organelles, represent formerly free-living bacteria that were taken inside another cell as an endosymbiont.” In English, it pretty much means that mitochondria is a free-living bacteria which entered a very close, symbiotic relationship with animals to the point that it became a part of our cells. Mitochondrial Eve is the so-called Biblical “Eve” which all people of the planet Earth can hark back to as their singular ancestor – the mother who succeeded in giving birth to all of Earth’s future humankind.

Pe-eve5In the Parasite Eve story, however, the mitochondria wasn’t simply endosymbiotic. They evolved into their own, free-living bacteria all over again but in a much more highly evolved state. The mitochondria inside a famous opera singer took over her body and reformed her into what ended up becoming Mitochondria Eve.

Mitochondrial Eve was able to communicate with the mitochondria in other living beings and was able to force mutation of the bodies of the host, turning them into grotesque killing machines bent on eradicating its host so mitochondria could live on without a host. Mitochondria Eve was going to give birth to a new species of man but a species based off an evolved mitochondria. Mitochondria would not be the slave and servant of mankind, mitochondria would simply be its own master.

So I found this short below rather interesting. I much prefer stories where latent DNA is activated in mankind and it forces them to evolve beyond what we know humanity to be. I think it’s a story line Hollywood needs to take advantage of – but avoid the whole idea of normal looking people with advanced mental powers. That’s boring, along the lines of advanced vampires juiced on fairy blood being able to walk in the daylight.

Give me the grotesque.


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