Not the NYC I Grew Up In

Bloomberg says he wants to have all public housing residents fingerprinted for the sake of “security.”

New York City public housing tenants should be fingerprinted as a way of keeping criminals out of their buildings, Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested Friday, adding that the buildings often had broken locks that allowed trespassers in.

When Bloomberg acknowledges lower class people are criminals or tend to be criminals, which is something he actually believes (blacks and Hispanics in NYC are among the poorest and his Stop and Frisk program was was set up to disproportionately target blacks and Hispanics), there’s no way you can believe any altruistic intent. He has repeatedly lied about his Stop and Frisk program cutting crime (it hasn’t), so why would anyone believe his altruistic intentions when it comes to another program that targets the poor in a tyrannical manner?


The reason he wants to create subsidized, rent-controlled housing is because he needs to keep people off the streets. Rent in NYC is naturally too high for normal market forces to make affordable to the average person so it needs to be capped for millions. Since the choice is people in the street or rent controlled controlled, public housing, he’ll pick the latter.

But in the mean time, he’s going to treat people who look poor and criminal (in his mind, blacks and Hispanics are all potential criminals unless they live in the right neighborhood and are wearing yuppie clothing and as a result need to be stopped and frisked to stop their criminal behavior) and need to be tracked in order to make sure that they can be easily identified when they’re stopped and put in prison.

I have a strong feeling that if the optics wouldn’t look terrible, he’d ship out all of NYC’s poorest in buses to ensure NYC becomes the elitist haven for only the wealthy higher sector of the caste system he’s fond of.


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