This Is How I Return to Warcraft

I’ve lost interest in World of Warcraft (WoW) because they’ve jumped the shark big time. I put up with the same old, tired gear grind for years and years (since the game’s launch) but I’m over it. The avalanche of dailies (which means WoW’s developer, Blizzard, got lazy) was the last straw.

Blizzard is going to have to make some serious changes to he game to get me back into WoW and I just know they won’t do it.

They need to take some great ideas from other MMO games like Guild Wars 2 and Rift. They need to stop concentrating all the content on a few end-game raids with the sane EXACT fights you have to complete over and over again and instead need to bring the raiding out to the open world using dynamic world raiding content.

Imagine this:

Map of Eastern Kingdoms   World of WarcraftYou’re hanging out in Stormwind or another major city working on your auction house. Then, all of a sudden, the city begins to darken and demonic forces begin to attack and make its way into the city, much like when Doom Lord Kazzak was brought to Stormwind in classic. The mages in the magic quarter in the city open portals so the citizens can escape to another city to save their lives (allowing you to escape to continue your auctioning if you didn’t want to participate in the raiding.)

Do what happened?

Earlier that day, small demonic portals began to open in Westfall. Vanessa VanCleef, clearly not dead, had contracted warlocks to open portals into the demon world with the hope of destroying Stormwind once and for all.

The heroes of Azeroth head to Westfall and try to deal with the opened portals but, while not new to these portals opening in every zone of the world, they were not prepared. This wasn’t simply one of two open portals, this was an all-out demonic assault. They needed more people to fight back the legions coming through. There were too many portals and they were growing.

Soon enough, the portals grew and larger, more powerful demons came filtering through. The entire zone was overrun by demons.

The plague of demonic power spread to Duskwood and Goldshire. Farms burned and homes were destroyed. Demons more powerful than the last came through the portals and only now did a large raid form to drive them back.

It was too late. A demonic general came through and broke down Stormwind’s defenses. Doom Lord Kazzak was set to eradicate all life in Stormwind to make way for the full might of the legion.

It could have been stopped earlier with a greater Azerothian force but now it will take a concerted effort to take back the city.

To stop the spread, however, a second contingency needs to fight the demons and close the portals in Duskwood.

Participating in these dynamic world events wins you points toward gear upgrades. You can upgrade gear easily obtainable through traditional instances raiding but, as mentioned, getting it was easier. The difficulty was upgrading them with the Valor (points) and Champion (points) gained by participating in fighting the demonic forces.

You can opt out of the events by using points to revert back to the non-phased in city but it comes as a price for abandoning your fellow Azerothians.

THAT would be epic. THAT would bring people out into the world. No damn, repetitive dailies.

Customize your gear through upgrades won by working hard and dedicatedly instead of nearly by pure luck in a raid.

You can slowly do it by closing small demonic portals that can be closed solo, sure, but Champion points would be gained only by defeating the more powerful generals and demonic lords.

Anything less and I would be bored with WoW.


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