Obama and the Racist Face of America

Black leaders argue Obama hasn’t done enough for blacks. I disagree. He’s brought out the racists to prove racism thrives in America.

Before Obama came along, the idea of a racist America seemed to have mostly died down. Minorities knew that was a lie, but you hardly heard anything about it. It was mostly insidious. It wasn’t overt. It became, mostly, aversive racism – that is, the kind of racism you observe when you walk across the street to avoid a couple of black people in hoodies eating Skittles and drinking Arizona Iced Tea.  The overtly racists were shamed into the dark recesses of the American heartland. It was still there, but silent, lying in wait until the time came when their voices could be heard the loudest.

Then reality began to dawn on them. That time was now. The United States was about to elect the first black president. Hispanics were being predicted to be the majority in less than a century. White Americans were being driven out of the workplace to foreign manufacturers and they needed someone to blame – someone foreign to them, someone different, someone black, Hispanic, whatever.

So Obama became that scapegoat. Everything wrong with America was caused by the liberal demon, and that demon looked like a tall, lanky black man who was too un-American to wear a flag pin.

(AP Photo/Jameson Hsieh)


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