All Politicians Are Figureheads To Some Degree

It seems people are not getting what a politician’s job is.

Commenter: “Your article presupposed the benchmark of “success” is getting (re)elected, not functioning effectively for the country. That’s pretty sad.”

That IS the primary function of politicians in today’s political economy.

The marketplace of ideas has been delegated (rightly or wrongly) to a more private sector: think tanks.

Politicians are there to get elected in order to vote in those think tank proposals.

Yglesias is simply stating a fact of matter, not suggesting it’s a success in a moralistic sense. He’s explaining a tactic, if not a strategy, and the thought process behind it.

To McConnell/Boehner, it is a success – a purely political one for the purpose of maintaining legislative power until they can pick up more seats either through obfuscated debate or gerrymandering.


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