Monogamy: Kill It With Fire

“I often wonder whether matching you up with great people is getting so efficient, and the process so enjoyable, that marriage will become obsolete.”

Good riddance.

Monogamy will eventually become a choice for the few.

As online dating becomes less passe and accessible (yes, it’s happening), people will realize there’s not a scarcity of potential partners out there to experiment a relationship with. You didn’t have to read this article to know that; it was predicted to happen long ago.

On top of that, the wealthier we become and the more financially independent women become, the less incentive there will be for people to stick together in a monogamous relationship.

Recessions tend to lead to fewer divorces (and breakups) because they can be expensive. Moving out and finding your own place when the economy is weak is a dangerous move; often, it’s perceived a safer bet to stick with that someone you’ve been with until you feel more financially secure.

These are things to strive for – not for the sake of polygamy or polyamory, but for the sake of increasing living standards. The diminishing of monogamy is a happy consequence. It’s a happy consequence because a society shouldn’t want people to stay together in misery for the sake of stability.


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