GOP Clueless About Women’s Issues (War on Women)

Further proof that Republicans really are clueless about what is pissing women off these days.

“For over a year now, Democrats have repeatedly used and exploited the term, ‘War on Women,’ for their own political gain,” wrote NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring in his Tuesday media email. “It’s a campaign based on fear, disinformation, and exploitation – but one that we know the Democrats will use as one of their main messages in 2014. Democrats—those valiant defenders of women. The party of Eliot Spitzer. Anthony Weiner. Bob Filner. Bob Menendez. Sheldon Silver. John Edwards. David Wu. Kwame Kilpatrick. The list goes on and on. Democrats invoke the ‘War on Women’ charge repeatedly, but they head for the hills when asked about their Democratic colleagues’ actual mistreatment of women. “

More to the point, aren’t Republicans talking about randomized political embarrassment, not policy? Yeah, they are…

The implication is that policy affecting a wide swath of women—making birth control more expensive than the status quo, say—isn’t affecting “real women.” Right? I’m not even sure of what the attack is telling us, apart from how the party committees are more confident attacking sex scandals than in advertising the state GOP bills that Democrats are grouping into the “war on women.

Further proof that the GOP is riddled with people who can’t see the world beyond their own nose.


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