A Conversation To An End

I had a short online conversation with a friend about this article on Mitt Romneyand the parasitic/vulture capitalism Romney professes is essential to every economy. Here’s what’s been said so far, and my cynicism is dead serious.

Me: “… Foster says. ‘It’s the very model that drove the American economy off the cliff then left other people to manage the wreckage.'” This is how I always see Romney. He is the very face of the financial industry which has been squeezing every single dollar out of the United States and into their own pockets. He is exactly what we deserve.

Friend: I agree he is what we deserve. We’re a fighting a economic situation that has been pretty apparent since the 70s and is pretty much inexorable. We’re just pretending that it’s new and looking for someone to blame and someone to champion the false hope and tell us sweet sweet lies. And before we know it we’ll just be another slumping empire in denial, much like the British were a century before.

It’s actually rather ironic that I think the cure for the disease is exposure to a worse version of that disease. I think we must endure the fire, shrink and wither, and hopefully this country and its people will find itself free of this madness if we weather the storm.

But that is far too hopeful and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I don’t think so. I think that’s just going to deepen the divide as more people look for someone good to blame and hate. It’s no real coincidence that most of the traditional south is super republican. The scars of the civil war are still pretty apparent. You can see that in our history. There will probably always be this contention between the old south and the old north. I doubt any time of economic crisis is going to change that. The great depression didn’t unite us.

I have no hope of any unity. This country is far too large for that. We may all be Americans but the US has separate cultures within its borders and these cultures are coalescing both ideologically and geographically.

If it wasn’t for the fact we have a Senate which works the way it does, I’d be completely fine with that because majority rule with some semblance of proportional representation in the House (We do need to add more House members to get a better proportion of representation, though.) would keep whatever bit of a republic we have; with the Senate, we’ve got very skewed representation in the name of giving smaller states “equal” power.

If not for that, I’d bless the coalescing of cultures and ideologies. The sooner that happens, the sooner we can get on with the end of this charade we call “United” States and go our separate ways, whether peacefully or otherwise. Quite frankly, it’s more destructive to pretend we can work this out; it’s a lot like a bad marriage and the sensible people who are watching this whole thing unfold are the victimized children.


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