Jumping the Gun Hurts the Cause

Someone on Facebook made this comment about the video below:

I have to question the capacity to damage social values the people behind this technology are demonstrating. This is a misogynist, institutional mindset that should be recognized and publicized to bring an end to the company. Let less viciously subversive mentalities develop new tech.

I don’t see the controversy here. From what it looks like in the video, it’s a highly advanced trailer for a future video game about an android who gain sentiency. How is this at all misogynistic? Because the android is female?

If the protagonist of such a game is the female android fighting for her right to autonomy and sentience against a society which would subject her to its dominating will, how is that misogynist? It would mean the game is pro-equal rights – that is, the female android would be equivalent to women pre-suffrage who were deemed a second class which served the will of men.

That’s the exact opposite of misogyny.


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