Star Wars Isn’t Geek

Reply to the Geeks Are Sexy post “I’m a Geek…and I Don’t Like Star Wars”:

I do not get why people equate Star Wars so sharply with geekdom. Star Wars was and will always be mainstream science fiction, and not the type of thing that automatically screams geek. If one of the indicators of “geek” is being fanatical of a niche something, then this isn’t it. Now, something like Star Trek which is much more on the margins of pop culture – even being a moderate fan of Star Trek automatically screams geek. Not that any of it is any better than the other, but some things really don’t lead to geekiness. Fanaticism alone does not define geekiness.

Knowing what a Millenium Falcon is isn’t very surprising. Learning how to speak Klingon or Elvish, though, is the epitome of geek.


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