Hate the Catholic Church Out of Principle

We’ve all been hearing ad nauseum about the need of the Roman Catholic Church to deny women contraception to defend its deeply held principles, right? There’s been a huge kerfuffle from the right wing about the President’s war on religion. There’s fear being ginned up about an all powerful government dictating the most personal aspects of peoples lives. There’s charges about faceless bureaucrats wielding the power of life and death, people who answer to no one.

         Funny that. If there’s anyone who knows the danger of letting faceless authoritarians free reign over the lives of others, it’s the Roman Catholic Church. A story breaking in the Netherlands of child abuse covered up by the Church has taken matters to a new level.

From the report:

Up to 11 boys were castrated while in the care of the Dutch Roman Catholic church in the 1950s to rid them of homosexuality, a newspaper investigation has said.

A young man was castrated in 1956 after telling police he was being abused by priests, the newspaper reported.

Aside from the more than justified outrage that should come from this, a lesson should also be learned that being principled and ideological does not mean you are good or honorable – it simply means you’re backwards, inflexible and unwilling to be practical.

Whenever someone says they are doing something out of principle, punch them in the fucking face.

I was once appalled that the black metal scene in Europe was involved in a bunch of church burnings in the 90s. Not anymore.

I’m glad I left the church when I was younger. I hold no candle for these cretins and outright DISTRUST the entire institution and EVERY individual within it. From now on, I consider every Catholic church member suspect of being an apologist to pedophilia and child abuse and, by default, every Catholic church clergyman suspect of worse.

This follows revelations last year that tens of thousands of children were abused while in the care of Dutch Catholic institutions – and that the Church looked the other way while sweeping it under the rug.

From the link:

An 1,100-page report from a commission led by a former education minister and Christian Democrat leader said it could identify 800 Catholic clergy and other church employees guilty of sexually abusing children in the 40 years from 1945 and that more than 100 perpetrators were still alive.

Children in institutional care, regardless of religious affiliation, in the Netherlands were at substantial risk of being abused during the period, the molestation rate – 20% – being twice that of elsewhere. The investigation led by Wim Deetman concluded that several tens of thousands of children had suffered sexual molestation.

With the Catholic church embroiled in child abuse scandals from Ireland to Austria and lay Catholics mobilising against the Vatican for root-and-branch reform of canon law to end celibacy in the priesthood and facilitate female ordination, the Dutch report was the latest damning verdict of serial abuse accompanied by persistent cover-ups.

I can’t begin to imagine the abuse that’s going on in the name of god in Africa and other poverty stricken countries where the Catholic Church is performing its miracles.


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