Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Even more laws regulating cold medicine. Government keeps punishing people who do no evil just to suppress the minority who do. This isn’t the way you run a society.

If it wasn’t for the zealotry against marijuana and cocaine, and if they weren’t illegal, methamphetamine wouldn’t have become so popular. It’s relatively easy to make compared to the farming required with marijuana and cocaine, so despite the growing difficulty of getting the ingredients for meth, the cost of growing and producing marijuana and cocaine are higher still.

Making it more difficult for producers to make meth is simply going to raise the cost and drug addicts will move on to the next cheaper drug – something that will be even more toxic and dangerous. Compared to meth, marijuana and cocaine are incredibly safe. Poor meth addicts would have stuck with marijuana and the occasional line of cocaine; the wealthier meth addicts would have stayed cocaine addicts. Now it’s mostly meth addiction out there, and it’s much more destructive than either of those two drugs.

This is why you do not use legal prohibition to combat drugs. It never made sense. It didn’t work with alcohol in the early 1900s, and it won’t work with any other kind of market good 100 years later. If you want to help addicts, decriminalize the less dangerous drugs and help them while they can be helped instead of consigning them to reclusion from friends and family and death and destruction.


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