I Believe In Hell, And It Is the Story of Salvation

HITCHENS-articleInlineChristopher Hitchens: “I think being an atheist is something you are, not something you do”.

Trust this: If I had it in me to honestly believe in something I have no rational reason to believe in, I would. The thought of an end to my time with my wife and family is painful. Believing that there could be a reality where we could be together for all eternity is tempting.

If I could flick a switch and be believer, and remain the person I am otherwise, I would. I would, however, be allowing fear of loss to overcome reason.

I don’t wish to live a life of delusion and allow myself to be lulled into believing that what happens here, today and every day before it all ends for me, doesn’t matter as much because there is something beyond this life.


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