Pop Culture’s Vendetta Against Women

I posted a few things concerning #SlutWalk and the rape culture we live in on Google+ yesterday. Coincidentally, Alyssa Rosenberg posted this three days ago on her blog at Think Progress.

Here’s the video:

It’s a 10 minute video, but it gives a very clear explanation of the subtle and largely unperceived prejudices we see in pop culture, hiding in plain sight. Videos like these are the key to breaking open the brainwashing element of conformity that a false sense of security that progress has been made and all is fine leads us into.

No, not all is fine. The examples found herein by themselves show that something is very wrong in the way we see women, women’s rights and the feminism.

Occurrences like this one, about Jamie Leigh Jones, are not extreme examples of the injustice women face every day in our culture. Our culture. We can point at the problems women in some Middle Eastern countries face and feel better about ourselves, telling ourselves that at least we let women drive and vote (I’m sure women in the US are thankful for those privileges!), and sit back believing modern feminists are just asking too much and making a big stink about nothing.

Women are still marginalized as if they’re bothersome gnats who trouble men about their petty problems.

fan tai on Google+ wrote: “Oh wow. she wasn’t raped, she had consensual sex even though there were lacerations in her vagina and anus and her breast implants ruptured and her pectoral muscles were torn and require surgery…” about Jamie Leigh Jones’s rape and her loss in her civil case against KBR who were negligent in their responsibility to protect her in the workplace.

She consented, it’s argued. She must have asked for it and is now trying to hurt a company, and its workers and ex-co-workers, in a vendetta. She’s a vile, vindictive woman who would go as far as suffering the public shame that comes with being branded a broken, raped creature, used and tossed away…

Because that’s how society views women who have been raped – broken, wasted, used, refuse.

Yet Jones asked for this? What woman would subject herself to that?

And pop culture argues women have nothing to complain about. Feminists are asking too much, and are simply a bother.

Watch the video and see if you would have caught on to the feminazi trope in pop culture. Sadly, some of my favorite shows have displayed feminists in a bad light. It’s inexcusable, but we don’t have to stay silent about it.


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