Top 3 Myths About Immigration

This is a must see for people who think that immigrants are a drag on our economy.

The three key myths about immigration:

1. They’re a drag on our economy and government spending.
2. They steal our jobs.
3. They depress wages.

They’re all false and completely mythical manifestations of the fallacy of common sense. People put far too much value on their gut feelings and avoid looking at empirical evidence to understand issues. This is one of them, and it’s painful to see people fall for the mistakes bigots take advantage of.

This also applies to illegal immigrants as well. The only difference between an undocumented immigrant and a legally recognized immigrant is just that: one is not recognized and the other isn’t.

As a matter of fact, since immigrants…

1. Aren’t a drag on the economy, despite the belief they don’t pay taxes (they do),
2. Don’t steal jobs and actually end up creating new jobs by being here,
3. Don’t depress wages and make us even more productive, leading to more growth,

… it would make more sense to actually recognize those undocumented immigrants already here in order to better take advantage of the work they do and to properly tax them. If you’re unhappy with the (mythical) idea that undocumented workers do not pay taxes, then the logical conclusion is to make sure they do – and recognizing them as legitimate immigrants is how it’s done.

What about the criminal element to their immigration into the US?

Many undocumented immigrants are actually documented but have out-lived their welcome under US law. They’re people with work or student visas who ended up staying beyond their allowed time in the US. Most of the time, these are skilled workers who add an incredible value to our economy. Skilled immigrants are more likely to start a new business in the US than natively born US citizens.

Concerning the undocumented immigrants who cross the border illegally, this is a basic supply and demand issue and should be dealt with as such. Where there is a demand for low skilled labor, there will be a supply of it. The obvious, logical solution to this supply/demand problem is turning the strongly defined immigration quota limitations into a fluid, market based system.

One way is to introduce a new level of worker visas into the already existing system. Allow companies to apply for foreign workers as long as they have a need for them and they verify that no US worker is going to be turned out of a job for a certain amount of time after the visas are awarded. If they do not comply and fire US workers once they are awarded open worker visas for foreign workers, fine them severely and revoke those visas.

Those foreign workers who are in the US with revoked visas should be reassigned to another employer who is waiting on their own lot of foreign workers as soon as possible. This way, the foreign workers do not get shafted due to corruption by US companies and it will quicken the process.

We can militarize our border all we want, people will figure out a way to come here. The only way you can really minimize illegal crossing is by fostering growth in the nations they’re coming from so that they have jobs and a good life there – good enough to not convince them to take the risk of illegally crossing into the US.


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