We Are An Insignificant Part of an Important Grand Story

Science Saved My Soul

I LOVE this video.

As Tom Eigelsbach on Google+ put it:

This video captures how grand and beautiful scientific explanations are. Such explanations give people maturity through knowledge and the ability to understand what is around them rather than relying on the “godditit” explanations that reduce humanity to a blathering pile of crybabies dependent upon a supposedly all-powerful entity who changes their nappies and stuffs a bottle into their wailing mouths.

Science saves us from the mundane ignorance that is faith without knowledge.

The love my wife and I share is magnificent. It’s the most beautiful thing in my life – in my *entire* life. But my life is small. The love we share is incredible and great, but it, also, is small. It’s small in comparison to the universe we live in. Looking at the breadth of the universe and the incredible beauty it has to offer, whatever we as a species can conjure up as fantasy and religion doesn’t compare to the grandiosity of what the universe has to offer.

The images in this video, composed by thousands of visual designers taking our scientific knowledge allows us to see what we can’t with our eyes. These images are visualizations of what’s going on out there which our telescopic instruments capture only a small part of. That white blob on an image of a far out galaxy taken from a telescope is a magnificent part of a larger reality. Even that far away galaxy, filled with wondrous things is small. That galaxy is as small as each one of us is small compared to our home galaxy. There are hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of galaxies out there.

We’re small. Our religions are small. Our fears are small. Our love is small. There is so much we understand yet there’s as much we don’t as there’s space in the universe. Only through science can we understand just how great this universe is. Can religion give that to you? Perhaps science can give you a greater understanding of your faith. It’s small. This world is small. And the story behind your faith, of a god who created this tiny spec in an unfathomably large menagerie is small. God is small. This universe is greater. And we are only beginning to understand it.

Only through science and inquisitiveness can we get close to understand it. Enjoy every single moment of your life and appreciate the small things, because we are a part of that incredible universe out there. We are made of the stuff stars are made of. We don’t simply have a star in our neck of the woods, we *ARE* the stars. Each one of us, a tiny spec within a tiny star within a tiny neighborhood in a tiny galaxy that sits in a tiny section of the universe.

Each of us are small, but we’re all important. That’s the key: we may be small, but we are a part of a bigger, more beautiful story.


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