Occupy Wall Street Lacks Official Endorsement

I just read this online about the Occupy Wall Street protesters: “They sound like a bunch of self-important hipsters.”

Staging a protest like this, along the same lines as the Egyptian protests, is very difficult and probably impossible in this country. It’s too large, and any protest regardless of size will look tiny when compared to the rest of the country sitting in their homes.

110924-ny-protests-hmed7p.grid-8x2Without any strong leadership, this protest will continue looking exactly like the protests in Egypt would have looked without the marginalized political groups taking the leadership role. As my friend said, this looks like a mess. It is, largely because when compared to protests in the past which have succeeded, this protest is a different animal: they really have no leadership. In Egypt, different minority, but powerful political groups took the leadership reins.

Another example is the Tea Party movement. What would have that ended up looking like if the money and political organizers had not come in to take over the small spurts of anger before anyone had heard of the protesters? What if there was no Tea Party Express or Tea Party Patriots? What if the libertarian lobbying firms had not poked and prodded it? What if a news organization with as much reach as Fox News had not endorsed the Tea Party protests and given it 24 hour a day, wall to wall coverage?

The US is still not prepared for this protest. These people will not get that leadership. What’s ironic is that the Tea Party began protesting the very same thing. Without a Fox News or the Koch money, this will remain looking like a bunch of hippies, much like the original Tea Party would have looked like a bunch of yuppie libertarian asshats with fire in their ass.

The Occupy Wall Street Protesters have a purpose: a more progressive take on the same anti-Wall Street fat cat protests the Tea Party played with during its transitive state. The protesters lack endorsement. They have relatively insignificant lobbying groups in their midst but that’s not enough to get the attention necessary to grow the movement. This is probably because there’s just no money in it, and the Egyptian groups aiding the protesters had political power plays in their minds just like the Tea Party leadership that came seemingly from grassroots had politics to push those protests to the mainstream.


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