We Got Scared, But We Don’t Have To Be

I highly recommend this video to everyone. It’s an excellent journey through the dark side and the great side of mankind, from our beginning to the inspired potential of our future in life and in death.

We Got Scared

This is an inspired video, very beautiful and welcoming to any human being who strives to understand their world, who strives to find peace with their neighbors, who wishes for a better world free of fear, terror and insecurity.

We can live forever, but only through living and giving the future a better chance. Our names my not go down in history, but we will always be a part of it. We are all small but each one of us bigger than we allow ourselves to be. Each person’s potential is larger than what we deny ourselves each day by giving in to our fears and our insecurities. We are what we are, and many of us are still too scared.

Tom Eigelsbach at Google+, commenting on the article “Cognitive Style Tends To Predict Religious Conviction” at Psych Central News:

A new series of studies provide insights on why some people have stronger religious beliefs than others.

Harvard University researchers believe the answer is tied to an individual’s preferred cognitive style — that is, the way people think and solve problems.

In a series of studies, investigators found that people with a more intuitive thinking style tend to have stronger beliefs in God than those with a more reflective style. Intuitive thinking means going with one’s first instinct and reaching decisions quickly based on automatic cognitive processes.

As a contrast, reflective thinking involves the questioning of first instinct and consideration of other possibilities, thus allowing for counterintuitive decisions.

This makes much sense, and is very apropos to the video above. Fear is intuitive and a basic instinctual defensive reflex. If we act on our intuition first, we may not make the optimal decision, breaking down our maximum potential as a people and as a group. Fear of nothingness and what spooks us in the night gives us religion, and potentially destructive consequences.

Reflective thinking may not give us as a people an edge in the short-term but it most definitely allows us to maximize long-term planning and keep from jumping the gun into superstitious or emotionally-driven action. It is through reflection that we can act logically and work through the many variables life presents us with. It requires skepticism of ourselves and challenges us to be better than what we’ve been before.


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