Google+ Science Circle

9-22-2011-9-07-32-PM1I’m still building my science circle on Google+ but I plan on fleshing it out with excellent quality content producers/sharers with more care than my other circles. I want it to be one of my pride and joys in Google+.

I’ve only added a few so far. I highly recommend all of them to anyone interested in people who either work in scientific fields or have a special love for science:

Henry Reich
Employment: Youtube & Freddiew, “Minute Physics”, vfx & other stuff, 2011 – present
Education: University of Southern California, Film Production, 2011 – present;
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical PhysicsPhysics, 2009 – 2010

Tom Eigelsbach
Education: University of Maryland – College Park, Philosophy
Note: Tom’s one of my favorite in my Science circle for posting well thought out commentary to go along with links to science and technology reports and blogs.

Andrea Kuszewski
Employment: GGI (George Greenstein Institute), Brain Awareness Fellow, 2011 – present
Education: Case Western Reserve University, Experimental Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience, 2009
Note: Andrea along with Tom, above, are my two favorite Plusers in my Science circle so far. They’re both exceptionally interesting to follow.

Connor Bamford
Education: Friend’s School, Lisburn, 1993 – 2007;
Queen’s University of Belfast, Molecular biology, 2007 – 2010

Laura Montier
Occupation: Biomedical R&D
Education: Texas A&M University, MS – Biotechnology, 2005

Ethan Siegel
About: Science writer, professor and theoretical astrophysicist.
Note: Apparently able to lift incredible weights, and is from da BRONX.

Ashlee Bennett
Employment: Columbia University Medical Center, Graduate Student, present
Education: Columbia University, present; Drexel University, Biology


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