Intellectual Property, Still Useless

lopott_id___magyar_plak__tIt’s useless assholes like this that give definitive proof copyright and intellectual property in general needs serious reform. If an idiot with a lame story with a single tiny spec of similarity to another story has an actual legal point to make and a chance to win, then there is literally not a single story that can ever be written and published that is even orthogonal to any other story previously written.

In Time has been in development for ages, and there have been trailers that basically narrated the entire plot for months now, but apparently [Harlan] Ellison only just noticed.

In “Harlequin,” being late for anything is a crime, and the Master Timekeeper can shorten your life in punishment for failing to be on time for things — and when your appointed time runs out, the Master Timekeeper can stop your heart using something called a “cardioplate.”

In In Time, everyone stops aging at 25, but after a year you die, unless you can earn or inherit more time to live. Rich people have millions of years to live, while poor people (like Justin Timberlake’s character) usually only have 24 hours to live and have to keep earning more time.

It seems highly unlikely that Ellison will be able to stop the release of In Time, but you never know.

GTFO with that crap.


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