Religion: Old vs New

Hellfire Preacher

Hellfire Preacher

Thinking more about Pat Robertson and his inconceivably stupid and just plain wrong advice given to an unfaithful man married to a wife with Alzheimer’s Disease (to divorce and remarry), I had a few more thoughts on the matter of the old Christian guard.

There are many people who are trying to transform the Christian market place from the old to the new in the same way that the younger generations are trying to break away from the older, self-centered Baby Boom generation which is now causing all kinds of havoc in the political and economic sphere. They’re called out as heathens and blasphemers for turning away from God but they really aren’t – they’re simply transforming their understanding to a new generation, much like any producer of a good would refresh their products in order to compete against new competition.

Pat Robertson is a part of that old school force, that which would limit mankind instead of allow it to grow into something more accepting and beautiful. Those who share Robertson’s religious mentality is like a monolithic, large corporation with a very rigid development structure. It’s so large and complex that it can’t be flexible enough to compete in the market of ideas and faith. It’s like a behemoth in a battle of wits and speed and they’re dragging everything else down due to its immensity and power among the true believers.

I was raised Catholic and lost my faith mostly because I didn’t see the Church and what it taught as very functional in modern life. The basic tenets they taught were reasonable to modern life but you don’t need religion to understand why those tenets are vital in any society. The rest, born out of dogma and ideological rigidity, made the Church and all it taught seem hollow and historic but not germane or useful in modern society. Christians in general seemed more followers of the religion than faithful to God and seemed to pay more mind to the religion itself than to the message their God wanted to give them. If God wasn’t capable of winning their hearts and only their minds, then that can’t be a very powerful God.

I became something between a small-letter deist and agnostic, so you can call me a hopeful agnostic, hopeful only because I find the concept of eternity with my loved ones the most beautiful concept I can imagine and hope it’s true. I’m still agnostic, though, and do not adhere to any one faith. Some of the things that these new, young preachers who are trying to target the young generation which is much more open-minded and accepting of different people than the older generation, say things that are very effective in convincing people like me to want to believe.

The Robertsons of the world, however, do nothing but pull people down and convict the world instead of uplift them. They preach damnation and hellfire and control people through fear, manipulation, and propaganda. I want none of that; that’s what made me fear the people of God more than the hellfire they promised.


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