Guy Kawasaki Sends Republicans Back To School


Guy Kawasaki says these Republican candidates on the too many regulations tick:

On NPR I heard a Republican candidate (I can’t even remember which one–does it really matter?) say that the reason entrepreneurs aren’t starting companies is excessive regulation and corporate taxes.

Come again? I’ve never met an entrepreneur say that she would start a company if it weren’t for either of these two factors. In fact, if someone said that to me, I’d respond, “Then you’re not an entrepreneur, so stay on the porch.”

What could career politicians from either party possibly know about entrepreneurship? But I digress…

If you’re not an entrepreneur, when times are bad, you say, “It’s too hard to make a sale. It’s too hard to raise capital.” When times are good, you say, “There’s too much competition.”

If you are an entrepreneur, none of this matters. You just go for it. Some things need to be believed to be seen. If you come to Silicon Valley and tell people that you can’t succeed because of regulation and taxes, be prepared to be laughed at.


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