[Citation Needed]

An epic, crushing teardown of Dinesh D’Souza’s book on Obama in The Weekly Standard.

The Tea Party couldn’t be more wrong on the Constitution; and about America’s founders.

Six things Christine O’Donnell could do after she loses the election.

Privatizing everything is a stupid idea, especially when something isn’t broken, like VA hospitals.

Post-modern libertarians are hilariously dangerous and should be vilified.

Sarah Palin sees dead people, including Pat Tillman, who she likes to use to make money.

What’s with changing skin colors on ads and magazines? Ever heard of pride?

One of the goriest video game classics, Splatterhouse, is coming out this month on XBox/PS3.

Dylan Ratigan nails the anti-Muslim movement’s ignorance and stupidity. This is the single most informative and honest clip of the year; a year’s worth of Fox News coverage:

The Young Turks on Dylan Ratigan’s Muslims & 9/11 Rant

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