Fuck the Soup Line

People know their jobs are being shipped overseas – just like mine was. My job was sent to Mexico in order to lower costs and now the company is working on increasing productivity by installing new production equipment and streams so they can let go of more people. Business leaders say it’s all good, that lowering costs keeps prices low and creates service jobs here. But people believe the wealthy are pocketing the money and none of it is trickling down. Median incomes are stagnant while rich get richer and richer and richer; incomes among the middle class haven’t gone down in ages until now.

Why would the typical person believe business leaders? If leaders want to do themselves a favor, we need higher lower and middle class incomes. If businesses are lowering costs, where are the benefits going? The wealthy in the US are stealing wealth from the middle class –literally  siphoning income from the middle and lower class. They feel it. The only way business leaders are going to make people quit complaining about jobs being shipped overseas is through reasonable job creation here and incomes going up.

My job was shipped to Mexico to lower costs. Sure, some jobs at the company were saved because lower costs buffered recession pains but that won’t convince any of those who lost their jobs and haven’t found a replacement that sending jobs overseas is an net positive. You want to know what service industry jobs are created by sending jobs overseas? Low wage ones, like McDonalds. Sorry if that is a bit upsetting to the human beings who were considered marginally useful to businesses who shaved them off.

In the mean time, business owners are pocketing the money. Yea, they could be reinvesting that money, but are they doing that now? Hell no; banks aren’t lending despite interest rates being the lowest they’ve ever been. They’re near zero! It costs barely anything for banks to lend out money; they’d make a killing.

What do business leaders think they’re doing? They’re lucky inequality makes people more conservative. Recessions contract liberalism; that’s why the populist outrage has shown its face in the form of the Tea Party. Wall Street has redistributed wealth from the middle and lower class this year in the amount of $140 billion while unemployed croak. Will the Tea Party get angry about this? Of course not. This is the American system, and it’s broken. The public is broken. It’s filled with thick morons who self-flagellate out of rage.

In the mean time, the 15 million unemployed will see the richer get richer. Where’s that soup line?


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