DC, Land of Opulence

I guarantee, if this became a real, televised show, Americans would hate Washington lobbyists and their political pals a whole lot more than they already do. Want to see approval of congress hit the floor? 1% approval ratings? Show them videos like this and it’ll happen, fast. Seriously, though, it has to be asked, as Roger Ebert said: “What I wanna know is: Who in their right mind would ALLOW this to be filmed?”

PowerHouse: Republican Lobbyist Edwina Rogers Wraps Gifts in Money

Among the lobbyists Washington sleeps with is the banking system. Frankly, it’s a bit ridiculous that lenders are hoarding their money after being saved from absolute annihilation, thanks to TARP, the bank bailouts. Part of the intent was to get those banks to start lending money again but, apparently, Washington politicians didn’t care to include any strings attached to that lifeline.

People like House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) dared not even consider holding the bankers accountable for their overleveraging and mismanagement of their own funds and lending practices. They wouldn’t dare say this to them:

What we’re talking about, Debbie, you have 10 percent, if that, of the population who are now in a foreclosure situation or in a mortgage that they have been unable to meet the obligations… Now, come on, people have to take responsibility for themselves. We need to get the housing industry going again. We don’t need government intervening in every step of every aspect of this economy.

No, of course not. That’s Eric Cantor talking about how ridiculous the idea of a foreclosure moratorium is, despite the fact banks have been using “robo-signers” and not even bothering to check and make sure foreclosures are legal and legitimate. There have even been reports of people who bought their own home with cash and no mortgage at all being foreclosed on. How is that even close to being possible or legal? Cantor wants to make sure that family gets foreclosed.

This double standard exists because people like Cantor live to serve the lobbyists that wrap gifts in money. Both parties are filled with assholes but, obviously, one party in particular doesn’t care to hide who, exactly, it serves. It’s not the voters who put them in power, those who are convinced they’re all going to become millionaires if those damn liberals just stop stealing elections and stop winning; Republicans serve corporate lobbyists making sure they always get a better deal than anyone else in this country. Not only that but corporations and banks are making sure the middle-class and lower class get a shitty deal while paying people like Edwina Rogers in the video to live opulent lives in DC and knob the Eric Cantor and the rest of the political class in order to make unfair making deals like letting someone who’s paid for his home in cash get his inexistent mortgage foreclosed.

Call me when we drop the democracy shit and call ourselves a corporatocracy – which is exactly what we are.


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