Just Say It, Ezra: Americans Are Stupid

I’m still catching up to old news so this is a bit of a late reaction but I’m going to post it anyway. I mentioned the illogical attitude of Americans when it comes to inequality based on a study mentioned by John Sides. This post by Ezra Klein pokes at the heart of that illogic, especially with this graph:


In other words, Americans are unhappy with Democrats in general (Question 1) and are a bit happier with Republicans who have been hitting Democrats hard on the economy and the illusion of an overbearing government trying to kill grandma. However, they’re also more approving of Democrats in Congress (Question 2a) and like their own representative a whole lot more than they like Congress in general (Question 2b), which is pretty much always the case. They also trust Democrats more than Republicans to fix the problems our nation faces over the next few years (Question 3).

So while they don’t like Democrats as much as Republicans, they trust Democrats more in general and to fix our problems yet they want to go a new direction or return to Bush policies. That’s what no one wants to say when they look at the last chart. What no one else wants to say, too, is that Americans are thick and stupid – and the country deserves another round of Bush politics, the death of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and another war with two or three more countries sitting all the way on the other side of the planet.

Go get ‘em, America. I’ll be right behind you; hopefully avoiding the blood splatter when your brain explodes due to the incredible cognitive dissonance jarring it.


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