Musical Dissociative Disorder

I have a very, very wide range of musical taste and am frequently reminded of that; I was reminded most recently when I explained pirate-themed folk/power metal music to (until today) co-workers. One of my earliest memories of my musical dissociative disorder was during my religious phase (yes, I actually had one of those silly little things): I realized I made a mix tape including a song by the spiritual a ccapella group Acapella “It’s the Blood”, Slayer’s “Raining Blood” and King Diamond’s “Abigail”.

Yea. I don’t know.

I did eventually stop listening to a capella music and definitely spiritual/religious music. I replaced it with all kinds of oddball things, though. I grew up hearing merengue and salsa along with rap, hip-hop and r&b but never got into that music much, minus the short phases. I mostly stuck to metal music thanks to my youngest sister, Dolly, who introduced me to Guns N’ Roses when I was a kid and I loved it. I got into harder metal music (duh) but was always very picky with what I found tasteful. The music had to be clean, clear and masterful; none of this dirty noise found in most grindcore/hardcore metal bands or low-fidelity black/death metal bands.

I don’t make such musical faux pas as I did with that mix tape but I still listen to all sorts of music – a more than average range, I’d say. I’m in love with metal forever but I dig swing revival, folk, classical, psychobilly and everything in between. I refuse to ever like country or western with a very few exceptions like a limited number of Johnny Cash songs.

Eluveitie anna murphy

Some of the bands I really enjoy, however, are pretty out there. I’m probably the only person in the state of Indiana who has heard of and/or likes Eluveitie but it’s one of the few bands I’d drop everything and become a groupie for.

Eluveitie is an amalgamation of gorgeous women, great vocals, folk, metal and musical instruments most people haven’t heard of. Anna Murphy plays a hurdy gurdy and they figured out how to stuff skull-emblazoned bagpipes into metal music. They’re perfect!


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