Mad Men

Rolling_Stone_Mad_Men I’m late to the game as my wife and I have only just recently started watching the show on Blueray but I really do love Mad Men. It’s got gorgeous, beautiful women; men I wish I could look a quarter as good as; and a damning depiction of life in the 1960s for upper-middle class and wealthy America. It paints a very handsome picture not at all different than the picture of Dorian Gray: beautiful on the outside but grotesque within. Women were seen as extensions of the men they were with and treated like mindless chickens. Blacks were kept away from the clean “white Christian male power structure.” And don’t get me started on how many married men now look at their wives and wish they could be as hot as Christina Hendricks.*

There are plenty of morons who think those were good times, though. Perhaps they forgot to look at things more objectively.

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* For the record, my wife is smoking hot.


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