Stop Being Ignorant [Vulgarity Warning]

I just had to remove more people from my Facebook account: friends and family I could not tolerate any longer. They’re an embarrassment to humanity for being such spineless waste.

A warning to them and anyone else like them: IF you are such an ignorant person as to feel the need to hate on Muslims for the actions of a few and think the rights of Muslims should be taken away because YOU are a fearful pussy, remember all the evils perpetrated by CHRISTIANS every single day and check your ignorant ass out of this country just like the Muslims you hate so much. The Muslim riding the train with you or buying the product your company sells is no more an accomplice to the 9/11 hijackers than you are to all the Christian fucks that have done heinous things in this world.

You, Irish guy, YOU are a terrorist, too. You, Jew, YOU are a terrorist, too, and give me back my money, stupid banker. French!? You stink, too, because some French guy somewhere in time and space didn’t wear deodorant. Hispanic? ZOMG Stop jumping over fences. Because if you’re X, Y, or Z, and some other X, Y or Z did something, you’re no different. Follow that logic and step the hell out of my sight. Just a FYI.


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