Beckistan, the American Israel

If one is to accept Reihan Salam’s explanation of the Beck movement, one has to consider what it really means. One can argue that this really is a spiritual moment and was a spiritual rally… But think about what it actually leads to. These people are scared about their white, Anglo-Saxon, American culture and image changing permanently due to fewer white people having babies and Hispanics and blacks having more babies. The country is turning brown, basically, and people are not liking this.

This video is of people from the Beck rally talking about getting their country back. There’s a lot of complaining about immigrants, the current boogie man (apparently they are all illegal immigrants, too).  What these people want is to go back to the time when gays were made to hide instead of demand for marriage and blacks and Hispanics exist but not threaten to make this anything more than a white Christian country.

What Beck is doing is trying to make a new Israel (a country for Jews) but for white Christians. It would be American, Christian and white dominated.

He wants the 1950s back… With non-whites, non-straight and non-Christians only at the margins, preferably financially and politically impotent.


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