The Truth: Facebook vs Twitter

As much as I love my friends and family on Facebook, the content I see on my FB feed is just impossible to fairly compare to what I see on Twitter. As Spongebob Squarepants said: “Facebook is for the people you know. Twitter is for the people you wish you knew. and Myspace is for the people you wish you NEVER met.” That’s why I took the few people from MySpace who I actually liked and found them on Facebook, leaving no reason to ever return to MySpace. If I could get my peeps on Facebook over on Twitter, I’d never need Facebook.


Like my wife, I have little time for Facebook; in my case, it’s because there isn’t much to find on Facebook. I hide most of the Facebook posts from pages/companies I “Like”, letting me see what PEOPLE I actually really like (real friends) have to say but, sadly, even what my favorite people in the world have to say leaves me wanting.

download (1) So I rarely ever hit up Facebook. Most of the things I post on Facebook are posted using a secondary program or service like Tweetdeck (I might retweet something from Twitter using Tweetdeck’s Facebook integration) or in order to post on both Twitter and Facebook at once. I simply find very little when I check Facebook; I find everything on Twitter. Whenever I do find something interesting on Facebook, it’s something stupid a family member said that disgusts me enough to remove them from my friend list there. A recent comment about Muslims and the mosque being built in downtown Manhattan near the World Trade Center complex is an example. DeFacebooked.

Facebook is where you go to read Sarah Palin’s longer diatribes against intelligence and rationality. Facebook is where you go to check out what latest badges your friends won on Farmland, or whatever. Twitter is where you go to find the weirdest, most interesting people you wish you could keep in your virtual pocket and carry around with you in case you need a good laugh, a ton of information and opinion, or a strong injection of WTF.

download (2)


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