Cherry Picking the Constitution

The Tea Party “patriots” want to strip people they dislike* of their property rights and freedom to worship, fighting the Cordoba House’s legitimate right to build an Islamic community center where there will also happen to be worship, making it a mosque as well as a community center.

These people of the Constitution also want to get rid of the 14th Amendment which affords equal protection under the law and realizes the rightful citizenship of the freed slaves during the Reconstruction period. It includes the due process clause that absolutely states the government must respect all of the rights a person has and declares that the government is subservient to the law of the land instead of capable of going beyond it.

The people of the Constitution who believe in states rights want to repeal this, the 14th, Amendment:

[T]he NRA sought to have the Second Amendment incorporated by the Fourteenth Amendment, causing the Second Amendment to apply to state and local jurisdictions and not just to the federal government.

In other words, the 14th amendment can be used to argue for states rights. It’s an amendment that absolutely assures the rights of the people. They can’t stand that, though, because it establishes jus soli citizenship, or the citizenship recognized of people born within the jurisdiction of the US—in other words, born within its borders, including military bases. They can’t stand the idea of what they call “anchor babies”, children born within the borders of the US from undocumented immigrants. Never mind that it’s not simply undocumented immigrants who are having kids within the borders of the US, it’s also permanent residents, people who reside in the US permanently and never plan on leaving without deportation but haven’t become citizens yet. They want to make sure as few Mexicans get to stay in the US as possible.

So what parts of the Constitution do these people like? They don’t like the 1st Amendment nor the 14th. They like the 2nd and, apparently, not the 4th (guards against unreasonable searches and seizures), either, as proven in Arizona with the SB 1070 law requiring police officers demand proof of citizenship from anyone who doesn’t look American enough.

The question, then, is this: which parts of the Constitution should we blacken out? Does the Tea Party want a Constitution that lists each and every right an American should have instead of what the Constitution is meant to do, limit the government’s power over the citizens under its jurisdiction?

slavesDM2303_468x313 Sadly, it’s not simply Tea Party activists who are this hateful of freedom in the US. Many in the Republican Party want to make sure to keep certain people as second citizens. Let’s just hope they don’t try to repeal the 14th amendment retroactively.

Conservatives like to cherry pick what parts of the Bible they want to follow. They love to cherry pick which parts of the Constitution they want to recognize and keep. Just give one of those American freedom hating patriots a Sharpie and the Constitution; let’s see what we end up with.

*This realistically means everyone who doesn’t like Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin but on the mosque issue, it’s temporarily a hatred of Muslims.


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