Tea Party Liberalism

Really? Is this what the Tea Party is? Sure.

Eminent domain “is the inherent power of the state to seize a citizen’s private property, expropriate property, or seize a citizen’s rights in property with due monetary compensation, but without the owner’s consent.” The US government’s power of eminent domain, recently reviewed by the Supreme Court in Kelo v. City of New London was considered by conservatives as a horrible, outrageous liberal plot to take property away from people. Not even this liberal liked the decision, believing even inefficient use of property is still the property of the owner and should not be taken away to maximize local economic efficiency. Property rights are still rights, inalienable except for when it comes to Muslims, apparently.

Here’s Republican gubernatorial candidate for New York, Carl Paladino, a Tea Party candidate who wants to piss on every mosque within our borders.

As governor, I will use the power of eminent domain to stop the mosque, and use the site as a war memorial instead of a monument to those who attacked our country.

This is not the first stupid thing he’s done, though. I’ve had enough of this guy’s idiocy, though, so I’ll leave that for others to detail.


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