Kill the Christian Church

What would the GOP be saying if a Democratic group made an advertisement asking support to kill plans to build churches?

The National Republican Trust PAC’s ad about the mosque being built near Ground Zero (it will exist two blocks away in a building being transformed into a community center) and the need to “Kill the Ground Zero Mosque” because it would be a monument to their jihadist victory in killing 3000 Americans in the World Trade Center attacks.

This is why I will never, ever sympathize with any issue the Republican Party ever advocates, even if it’s the most logical conclusion. The party is completely dis-attractive, it repels me from it.

The supposedly conservatives of the Republican Party believe in individual freedom and the Constitution. What they don’t believe in is individual freedom and the Constitution. They don’t believe in freedom of religion unless you’re a Christian (and to many, the right type of Christian (no Mormons allowed!)) of the social conservative type. It’s rare these days to find a socially liberal fiscal conservative. I know a few so I know they exist but it’s not the Republican Party. No, these people are the very thing they accuse those heathen Democrats of being.

Just imagine if it was the Kill the Christian Church initiative.


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