Republican To the Extreme!

There’s even a Encyclopedia Dramatica (NSFW!) entry for “Pool’s Closed” (also NSFW!).

Pool’s closed is a catchphrase, usually referring to the existence of AIDS in the pool. It is uttered frequently by the 13-year-old-boys when they "close pools" for health and safety reasons.

AIDSSharon Angle who is running for the Republican Party in Nevada to take Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s seat apparently buys into the idea that AIDS can be transmitted through water and, as a result, through pools.

Matthew Yglesias is concerned that Angle is a part of a lunatic fringe but doesn’t take it far enough in his blog post about it. That’s because people who believe AIDS can be transmitted through pools, as our friends at Encyclopedia Dramatic (seriously, stay away from there!) explain, believe people with AIDS should keep their cooties out of the pool water. It’s not like this kind of idiocy doesn’t prevail in this country filled with mental midgets. A prime example comes from Alabama where an HIV-positive toddler was banned from the pool and showers at the Wales West RV Park in Silver Hill, Ala.


Don’t you just love people like this? This is what the Tea Party has propped up in this election (and surely will continue to do so in the future). The Tea Party is filled with morons who would make even Ayn Rand embarrassed about the fact they worship her ideology (but fail to really practice it).


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