They Did A Bad, Bad Thing

Louisiana lawmakers proposed a religious solution to stop the BP oil spill.

A resolution encouraging people to pray for an end to the BP oil spill crisis has been approved by the Louisiana Senate.

Sen. Robert Adley, a Republican from Benton, won unanimous approval of the resolution last week. The resolution made this past Sunday a state-designated day of prayer in Louisiana, during which people of all faiths in the state and around the nation will be encouraged to seek divine intervention to end the crisis.

That’s just wonderful.

In case you didn’t know, proponents of the free market believe in “the invisible hand of the market” and that the hand will take care of everything. What this means is that if a company is in the business of doing bad thing, it’s eventually going to go under (hold your laughter!). Essentially, if a company does bad things, its customers will not want to have anything to do with that company. Sure, ok. I might be able to buy that. Except for the fact that companies doing these bad things tend to make enough money to hide their infractions of trust. How many Apple fanatics know of the suicides at the Apple product manufacturing plants in China? How many Nike customers know of the sweat shops that built their $100 sneaker for mere pennies?

Now, due to the Citizens United v FEC Supreme Court decision, there’s no limit to how much money can be pumped into the hands of potential judges and insurance commissioners; companies that do bad, bad things can simply buy their way into preferred court decisions. The invisible hand of the market doesn’t seem very powerful these days.

What does this have to do with the Louisiana lawmakers’ day of prayer? Well, apparently the invisible hand is also known as God. So my question is this: does my lack of faith in the invisible hand of the market make me a heretic or, worse, an atheist?

Images like this would assure I’ll be a heretic on purpose if this is true:



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