Arizona Now Wants Illegals

This is priceless. This is absolutely priceless.

I previously wrote about a guest worker program here.

My argument is that the negative externals that come from undocumented residents/immigrants can largely be avoided by enacting smarter immigration policies. The undocumented who come here for honest work and plan on going back could go through a guest worker program. That would limit a huge chunk of the undocumented immigrant problem by documenting their border crossing and presence. Guest worker programs can be easily managed: the number of guest workers allowed entry and temporary residency can be flexible depending on the state of native employment. Obama added an amendment to the failed attempt at immigration reform four years ago which would have placed a 9% unemployment cap which would have frozen the guest worker program that would have been created if the law passed.

When Will Wilkinson wrote "[t]he best way to get rid of the bad external effects of unlawful immigration is to bring what is lawful in line with what is right," he’s saying that we need to change immigration policy to meet the demands of labor. There is no doubt that there’s demand for cheap labor here in the US. Companies get busted for employing undocumented workers all the time. There is a high supply of people, mostly from Mexico, willing to come to the US to work even as cheap labor (our version of cheap is different than their version of cheap; an American dollar goes farther in Mexico than it does here). A guest worker program would streamline that supply of laborers who are willing to cross the border illegally (or come here legally but remain beyond their welcome).


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