A Duggar Tea Party


Bryan Caplan listed six primary ways radical Libertarianism can become established in a society. Among the possibilities (or near impossibilities) include violent revolution, persuasion, infiltration, coordinated mass relocation to a certain region practicing radical Libertarianism, creation of a new society, and strategic fertility. He explains why some would be difficult or, as with violent revolution, the method wouldn’t necessarily lead to radical Libertarianism regardless of intent. It’s his last one that stands out the most:

6. Strategic fertility.  Standard twin methods find that political philosophy and issue views (though not party labels) are at least moderately heritable.  But wait, there’s more: Since there’s strong assortative mating for political agreement, standard methods seriously understate the heritability of politics.   The upshot is that if libertarians can get and keep their birth rates well above average, liberty will actually be popular in a century or two.  And even if this plan to free the world fails, it will still create a bunch of awesome people.

Strategic fertility might seem like a big burden, but as I keep arguing, being a great parent is a lot easier than it looks because nurture is so overrated.  And even if I’m wrong about the power of nurture, having one extra child is probably easier than moving to New Hampshire, and certainly easier than moving to a seastead.  Admittedly, if you want radical libertarian change in your lifetime, strategic fertility isn’t much help.  But what is?

In other words, strategic fertility is likely the easiest and best way to shift society into radical Libertarianism (or, arguably, any other form of ideology or philosophy). In essence, if the Tea Party wants to make a future where their form of Libertarianism (which is laughably not very Libertarian at all) is popular, they need to start churning out more babies. Since the Hispanic demographic, who tend to be much less Libertarian than the typical Tea Partier, is the fastest growing demographic in the US, the Tea Party better stop protesting and start procreating like the low-class, irresponsible, sex crazed freeloaders they blame for all their problems.

As a side note, clearly Bryan Caplan doesn’t have kids. Clearly: “…having one extra child is probably easier than moving to New Hampshire…”

Someone hand the man a baby!


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