Arizona Ethnic Studies

Arizona has decided to ban ethnic social studies from their classrooms. One would think that it’s a reasonable suggestion and I do agree with the superintendent of Arizona public schools, Tom Horne, that there shouldn’t be separate classes to teach these studies. The problem is, however, that the traditional American social studies classes through grade school dismisses much of what these ethnic study classes teach. American history is, itself, an ethnic study concentrated on the works of the white race in the US. It skips much of what Hispanics and blacks have done except for the very few mentions of their most famous contributors. There is much more that can be taught, including the things American grade school history classes gloss over. Racism and oppression of the immigrant and minority classes are hardly mentioned; American history is a whitewash (no pun intended) to make American history seem more pristine than it was. Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson did a great job in putting Horne in his place but he should have said the most egregious truth: traditional American history classes ignore anything non-white unless it’s absolutely vital.


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