Tea Party and Feminism

This is hilarious from the beginning to end. Hanna Rosin on Slate posits that perhaps the Tea Party is the new face of the feminist movement.

Is the Tea Party a women’s movement? More women than men belong—55 percent, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll. And while no movement that uses Michelle Malkin as a poster girl could fairly be described as feminist, the party has become an insta-network for ambitious women like Zelenik. Some are aspiring candidates who could never get traction within the tight, local Republican Party networks. Some are angry-mom-activist types who, like their heroine Sarah Palin, outgrew the PTA. But some would surprise you with their straightforward feminist rage. For the last few years Anna Barone, a Tea Party leader from Mount Vernon, N.Y., has used the e-mail handle annaforhillary.com: “The way they treated Hillary is unforgiveable, and then they did it to Sarah Palin,” she said. “I’ve been to 15 Tea Party meetings and never heard a woman called a name just because she’s powerful. I guess you could say the Tea Party is where I truly became a feminist.”

The fact this is even being suggested is disgusting. The feminist movement was about women’s rights and freedom. Here is a Twitter friend of mine’s take on the subject:


I keep reading articles on how the Tea Party is welcoming me with open arms as a woman. No. It hasn’t. Far from it. Sat May 15 10:38 via web

Whenever I’ve interacted with a Tea Party member I’ve been treated like a little girl who doesn’t know anything.Sat May 15 10:39 via web

If the Tea Party is there to *empower* me they’ve lost that battle too. I’ll bake cookies, but that will be on my terms not yours.Sat May 15 10:40 via web

So, if there latest grab for relevance is feminism they can go piss up a rope. I’ve found liberals to be far less sexist.Sat May 15 10:42 via web

/rantoverSat May 15 10:42 via web

Oh, and Sarah Palin is as much of a feminist as Serena Joy was in The Handmaid’s Tale.Sat May 15 10:44 via web

Yes, I suppose it’s a wee early to drop Margret Atwood references.Sat May 15 10:46 via web

The three teabaggers that have read The Handmaid’s Tale are offended. The rest are wondering who the hell Margret Atwood is.Sat May 15 10:50 via web

@jesserker I think it’s the best comparison I could find. She’s the 2010 version of Serena Joy.Sat May 15 10:50 via web

Okay, getting questions on who Serena Joy is. http://tiny.cc/xb5f8 *video* (Watch all five minutes)Sat May 15 11:08 via web

Indeed, one just needs to watch the video to see what she means:

No, people. That’s not feminism. That’s the complete opposite of feminism. Sarah Palin and people who cheer for her will never be a part of the feminist movement. These are feminists:


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