Apple, Trying To Take Over the World

JamieG, a software developer, explains Apple’s intentions on his blog after dissecting Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts About Flash” letter:


Finally we need to look at why Steve is pushing this issue so hard.  They want to displace flash as a dominant platform on the web.  I have seen a number of interesting post looking at very holistic reasons. This one is especially interesting but essentially wrong. “A good problem to have“.

Apple/Steve is very smart.  The one market he has not been able to dominate to the degree you would expect is ONLINE VIDEO. The online video owners, unlike the music industry, are a bit more aware of what Apple is trying to archive.  As a result, they have fragmented the industry as much as possible to ensure no individual company can gain enough control as to start dictating to them the conditions.

Steve is trying to maneuver the online video industry into a position in which they have no option but to sell their soul to Apple.  To do this they have looked at the future trends of video. Producer to consumer.

Producer to consumer with subscription or paid to view will be the future.  However, this future will need a transaction system and a video distribution system.  Currently we have two options.  Apple and Adobe.

Its quite simple. Take out Adobe before its Flash platform really starts to shine in this area.  With hardware playback, better then Javascript/HTML5 performance, the best authoring tools on the net, cross platform agnostic (Run on anything from a mobile phone, computer, TV) DRM, for those who want it (And all big content owners WILL) AND.. built in TORRENT technology.

Once Flash materializes this technology coming in 10.1 towards the use of video distribution on the net.  Apple will not be able to catch up..  Its all out WAR now.  Crack and kill the egg before it hatches.

Apple has cornered the MP3/Music market very well, dominating with its iTunes store. They’re using pushy tactics to marginalize Amazon’s book store and will try to dominate that sector using iPad’s iBook software. Now Apple wants to dominate the online video/movie market using even more egregious, pushy tactics. This is anti-competitive to the max.

It was one thing for Apple to introduce the iTunes music store—they won market dominance through strong innovation and price controls to attract customers. This, however, is unethical—completely and resoundingly.

My friends who rail against evil business practices, fighting the man, such as Wal-Mart and big business in general should consider where they put their money. I’ve had many leftist friends who have bought into the Apple lifestyle and ignore the fact Apple is acting just like the people they hate. It’s time to get some consistency.


2 thoughts on “Apple, Trying To Take Over the World

  1. Thanks for linking to my post.Your last comment also has me very concerned. Many people who I would expect to be worried by this behaviour, as they are those type against globalisation, tend to be blind to this issue.I tend to think that it is big media that is the weak link. Apple generates HUGE amounts of clicks etc. Ie makes them money so they are not inclined to be honest about it. Best to believe and focus on the ideas that will make them money (Clicks).However I do think it will change as they grow tired of it, as any story does. Just will take a few years more.The android tech really needs to get going. They are taking to long.The iPad is really a nice form factor for where media is going. Once Android with real multi-tasking and flash is available. I'll be in line.James

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